Batch-type washer for any kind of industrial parts cleaning

These are front-loading batch-type washers are versatile and suitable for any type of cleaning application.

Trolley in-out Washer: 

Thanks to its additional conveyor for loading or unloading the Mhitraa trolley in and out washer is a great aid in manufacturing lines.

Main Characteristics:

  • Processes within the parts cleaning chamber includes: Spray cleaning and compressed air blowing; 
  • Available in several configurations to fits the production specific needs: from manual load and unload through semi-automatic operation up to a fully automatic operation; 
  • Built in filtering system;
  • Flexible application: Cleaning of small parts possible due to loading in basket (batch-type industrial cleaning system);
  • Suitable for intermediate cleaning;
  • Adequate protection for all electrical components that come into contact with cleaning media.  

Main Features:

  • Optimum washing and excellent drying results; 
  • Minimum cycle time of 120 sec/pallet; 
  • Easy loading, possible for both semi- or fully automatic;
  • Gantry integration.