Rotary-Indexing Washer

Compact washers with gearbox-controlled mechanism

Mhitraas rotary-indexing washers have a unique indexing table with rotating component fixtures at both wash and dry stations to deliver the most flexible, high 
quality cleaning process possible. These are compact washers which uses a gearbox-controlled mechanism. 

Rotary-Indexing Washer: 

High productivity and compact size combined in a flexible and easy-maintenance machine.

Main Characteristics:

  • Processes within the parts cleaning chamber include: specific spray cleaning zone and two steps for compressed air drying (for intermediate and final cleaning); 
  • Ideal for cellular manufacturing structures due to its single point load and unload; 
  • Part rotation for enhanced cleaning results;
  • Suitable for manual, gantry or other type of automatic loading;
  • Small machine footprint that easily fits in existing production areas; 
  • Built in filtering system.  

Main Features:

  • High quality cleaning results and machine reliability; 
  • High throughput and high production capacity; 
  • Single operator guarantees high productivity; 
  • Simple to handle thanks to easy loading & unloading;
  • Suitable for multistage cleaning.