Engineered in Germany, made in India

With the EcoCagile, Mhitraa offers the local Indian market an effective solution with a flexible industrial cleaning machine.

The EcoCagile is a robotic washer which is engineered in Germany and has been produced locally by Mhitraa since 2017. Its fields of application range from cylinder blocks, cylinder heads and crank shafts to transmissions and clutch housings. Due to its versatility, this cleaning technology can be applied for both combustion and electric engines. With the EcoCagile, Mhitraa is ready to keep up with e-mobility evolution in India. 

The EcoCagile is available in the M or L lines and can either be equipped for use as a pre-cleaner with a single-bath-technique or with a two-stage cleaning process for final cleaning. The basic configuration of low-pressure systems and the power injection flood washing are already included in the multifunctional container.

General description: 
The basic package of the robotic washer EcoCagile comprises a single-bath configuration with injection flood washing (4 bar) and compressed-air blowing system for pre-drying industrial parts.
A high-pressure module (330 bar) is available to perform high-pressure processes with this equipment. For this purpose, an additional high-pressure module is installed at the left side of the basic module. The required processes are performed in a special process tank for high-pressure cleaning inside the existing cleaning chamber.
A final cleaning module can complement the equipment configuration by extending the industrial parts cleaning process with an additional second bath. With this configuration the EcoCagile can be used as a final cleaning machine. This module is installed as a separate unit beside the basic module at the right side of the machine. For this purpose, the cleaning chamber where the robot works is enlarged. The cleaning media for a final cleaning step comes from a separated tank.

Main characteristics:

Main features: